One of the widely required applications in the Industry 4.0 and reorganization of production processes is undoubtedly the installation of anthropomorphic and collaborative robots. For this reason Vaekst has decided to provide support also in this area by providing the technicians and engineers who will analyze and integrate the best solution in order to make the customer’s production plant faster and more efficient.

Flexibility & Efficiency

Current technologies allow to implement robotic stations that are able to manage a multitude of variable circumstances with a minimum expenditure of resources for installation and for the launch of a project.

Scalability and flexibility are two fundamental concepts in the robotics field. For Vaekst this is comes first in the design of a specific solution.

Computer vision & user interface

At the center of Vaekst robotics is one of the features regarding the ease of use as well as programming and management of the single robot and the operating data it produces.

If necessary, specific sensors are installed to detect and monitor each parameter, including cameras and micro-cameras for the integration of Computer Vision.

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