Smart Factory

The Complete Approach

Vaekst was created to accompany manufacturing companies through every step that characterizes digital transformation. The experience accumulated over the years allows the study of a path that crosses every aspect of the production process and leads to the creation of a digital factory capable of operating at its maximum efficiency. This approach works both in the case of renewal of the processes of an existing structure and in the creation of a new establishment.

Every company – regardless of its size –  can face this change. Vaekst is the ideal partner for the implementation of a customized and performing solution.

The revolution of the Smart Factories

Ever-ongoing evolution in the industries is touching every aspect of business dynamics. Automation is increasingly urgent and processes are always becoming faster and more efficient. This is all made possible by the established “enabling technologies” at the heart of Industry 4.0. The reshaping of a factory into a Smart Factory starts from the production departments, where operators, machines and tools are increasingly integrated. It then goes on to the services connected to company production facilities, where integration is also a focal point. Last but not least the management of energy resources, reducing consumption, costs and reducing waste are also tackled and improved.

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